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Buti pa driver ko, di boboto kay Noynoy.


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Gordon-Bayani this May 2010 Elections!

“It is not a question of whether Sen. Richard “Dick” Gordon is ready for the presidency but whether Filipinos are ready to vote for him.”

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Okay, corruption’s gone, now what?

Though I will vote for Gordon this May 2010 elections, I’m expecting Noynoy to win (unfortunately). I have spoken to many people regarding Noynoy, and they all said that he had the morals. My say on this matter is yes, morals are important, but so does competency. If morals were the only thing we will consider, then heck, you could let me be President! I have the morals. This is where competency comes in. So yeah, Noynoy vows to fight corruption. Okay, so what? Now that he has defeated corruption, now what? What will he do next? This is where competency and track record comes in. As we all probably know by now, Noynoy has absolutely no track record. Okay, he does, but what he achieved were very few. As if he achieved nothing at all. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was being the son of Cory and Ninoy. Aside from that, nothing.

Okay, so now he defeated corruption, what’s next? How is he going to lead the Philippines to rise to the ranks of Japan, Korea, Singapore, and the like? We are too focused on finding the savior to our never-ending corruption, but did we ever think of the other problems in the Philippines? Corruption is just one problem among the many other bigger problems here in the Philippines. Given his invisible track record, how can he transform Philippines into a Singapore? A Japan? A Korea? We do not need another Cory Aquino. Yes, she did have the morals, but she certainly did not have the competency. Instead, we need a Lee Kuan Yew. He transformed the once poor Singapore into one of the best countries not only in Asia but also in the whole world. We need someone who will not just fight corruption but lead our country to become one of the best.

This is why I am considering Gordon. The fact that he transformed Subic into one of the best places here in Philippines is something we cannot ignore. And if we talk about morals and integrity, we cannot deny that he worked for the Red Cross for around 40 years. He started helping Red Cross since 17 years old. This is a guy who has a proven track record plus the integrity that the Noynoy supporters keep emphasizing on. Gordon is a transformer. Though not in the leagues of Lee Kuan Yew and the like, he will certainly change the Philippines for the better. Arm him with Bayani Fernando and visionary Nicanor Perlas, and we have an unbeatable team.

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Can’t go…

Turns out the enlistment of which specialization to take in CCS will take place during the talk. Damn. Now I am wondering why I took CS in the first place.

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Screw the CCS Specialization Talk

Screw this. Why does the CCS Specialization Talk have to be on the SAME DATE and SAME TIME as the much-awaited Presidential Youth Forum?!?! And attendance to the talk is a must. Damn. I do not even need to know which specialization to take. I have already chosen which, and that is Software Technology. That’s the only thing I like in CS anyway. Screw this. Now awaiting the reply from the officers about the consequences of not attending the talk as it is an academic requirement.


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Early Preparation for Hell Week

Midterms are near. They are coming… in four weeks. Yes, four weeks. That’s one month later. In fact, this is just the end of the third week of my term. Yet I am doing ridiculously early preparations for Hell Week.

So, why the hell am I starting early?

Well, first off, I am currently studying one of the most difficult majors out there in my university. And yes, it’s a technical degree. And as far as we know, technical degrees are way, way harder than non-technical majors. Whereas students can survive numerous paper writings and late-night rote memorization in liberal arts courses, students could not do the same with technical majors. Simply put, you cannot get an easy 4.0 with just doing hard work. In fact, one must put extra hard work, putting off sleep for many weeks. What’s worse is that no matter how hard they studied their asses off, they keep failing their subjects.

Given this situation, it is perfectly reasonable to start way, way early when it comes to studying for technical majors. In fact, it is not just studying early. It is getting to master the material as soon as possible. Most students try to delay their studying until perhaps a few days, or worse, the night before the test. These students underestimate the subjects so much that they always procrastinate over them. And thus, they fail. However, this is not just the case with late night procrastinators. Even those who start early can fail.

This is where I put my twist on studying for Hell Week. Read More…

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One Simple Technique to End Your Procrastination

A New Start

Over the last few months during my semester break, I happened to land into a site that I never expect will change the way I will treat my academic life. Enter Study Hacks, arguably one of the most popular blogs about college life. The site is headed by Cal Newport, an MIT postdoc and author of two highly successful advice guides, How to Become a Straight-A Student, and How to Win at College. Most of his articles are centered around how to be a better student by doing less.

What I liked about this site is that Cal Newport provides simple yet effective techniques on how to study. His posts range from effective study techniques to tried and tested time management systems, while his later posts are more centered on how to live an impressive life.

His blog also lives by the philosophy of the Zen Valedictorian. The Zen Valedictorian, whom I aim to become, is the epitome of student productivity. He is widely accomplished in his major and extracurricular. He is the missing link between the grind, the slacker, and the failed grind. One usually thinks that being a grind and being a slacker do not mix, but the Zen Valedictorian proves otherwise. By being a Zen Valedictorian, one can earn straight A’s while spending late nights partying and doing other interesting activities. Read more on these articles to get a clearer view on what it takes to be a Zen Valedictorian.

Okay, so what’s the technique?

Anyway, by now you’ll be asking, what is this one simple technique that will end all our procrastination?

Well, here it is.

In this article, Cal Newport states that most students use the to-do list when it comes to planning out their day. To-do lists may look effective, but on the contrary, they are actually not. In fact, according to Cal, to-do lists are dangerous. So what is a better alternative to this ineffective planner?

Basically, the premise here is we shouldn’t use daily to-do lists. Instead, we should use time blocking.

So, what exactly is time blocking?

Read More…

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Hello world!

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