Posted by: mindshack | February 2, 2010

Okay, corruption’s gone, now what?

Though I will vote for Gordon this May 2010 elections, I’m expecting Noynoy to win (unfortunately). I have spoken to many people regarding Noynoy, and they all said that he had the morals. My say on this matter is yes, morals are important, but so does competency. If morals were the only thing we will consider, then heck, you could let me be President! I have the morals. This is where competency comes in. So yeah, Noynoy vows to fight corruption. Okay, so what? Now that he has defeated corruption, now what? What will he do next? This is where competency and track record comes in. As we all probably know by now, Noynoy has absolutely no track record. Okay, he does, but what he achieved were very few. As if he achieved nothing at all. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was being the son of Cory and Ninoy. Aside from that, nothing.

Okay, so now he defeated corruption, what’s next? How is he going to lead the Philippines to rise to the ranks of Japan, Korea, Singapore, and the like? We are too focused on finding the savior to our never-ending corruption, but did we ever think of the other problems in the Philippines? Corruption is just one problem among the many other bigger problems here in the Philippines. Given his invisible track record, how can he transform Philippines into a Singapore? A Japan? A Korea? We do not need another Cory Aquino. Yes, she did have the morals, but she certainly did not have the competency. Instead, we need a Lee Kuan Yew. He transformed the once poor Singapore into one of the best countries not only in Asia but also in the whole world. We need someone who will not just fight corruption but lead our country to become one of the best.

This is why I am considering Gordon. The fact that he transformed Subic into one of the best places here in Philippines is something we cannot ignore. And if we talk about morals and integrity, we cannot deny that he worked for the Red Cross for around 40 years. He started helping Red Cross since 17 years old. This is a guy who has a proven track record plus the integrity that the Noynoy supporters keep emphasizing on. Gordon is a transformer. Though not in the leagues of Lee Kuan Yew and the like, he will certainly change the Philippines for the better. Arm him with Bayani Fernando and visionary Nicanor Perlas, and we have an unbeatable team.


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